Ing. Leoš Beran, Ph.D.

Ing. Leoš Beran, Ph.D.
Institute of Mechatronics and Computer Engineering (MTI): Academic staff

+420 48535 3772
STAG profile
  • Electric drives especially multi-axis systems, electronic shafts, cam automats, synchronization and interpolation of individual axes according to a required trajectory.
  • Modern methods of industrial systems programming, team work, projects dividing into logical units, repeated usage of software solutions, programs solution unification.
Other appointments

Cooperation with industry

Electric drives – we offer electric drives design for particular applications in industry. Suitable dimensioning is the key for a reliable drive and low price. We use SIEMENS, Bernecke+Rainer, Maxon and Faulhaber drives and if asked we can use other brands. It depends on a specific technical solution.

Industrial automatization – we offer design and feasibility studies in the field of industrial automatization. If you are interested we will ensure the project implementation. Our customers can rely on the servis and further development based on the actual need of technology and equipment. We deal with the safety functions implementation (Safety). We use SIEMENS and Bernecker + Rainer systems.

CNC systems – we offer cooperation in the field of implementation of CNC systems by Bernecker + Rainer company. Due to the innovative partner we are able to offer modern industrial solutions. We are capable of preparing CNC machines for concrete technology (laser, machining, manipulators, 3D printers etc.) see the link

Electric machines diagnostic – we offer electric machines diagnostic, parameters measuring, failure cause identification, technical analyses in supplier-customer disputes.

Our solution may be found for example in companies: ABB s.r.o., Busch Výroba CZ s.r.o., Bohemia Trafo s.r.o., DAKO-CZ, a.s., Gama Hard s.r.o., GEA Heat Exchangers a. s. and others

Award list

Werner von Siemens Excellence Award 2007 for dissertation “Short-circuit current analysis and its heat effect in small induction motors”.

  • BERAN, L. et al. A New Way to Design Software for Industrial Automation - 3d Printer Cement Mixtures MM SCIENCE JOURNAL 1. ed. Prague: MM SCIENCE, 2021, vol. 2021, issue MAR. P. 4223 – 4229. ISSN: 1803-1269.
  • BERAN, L. , and MYSLIVEC, T. New dido bus used in a special and hard industry condition MM SCIENCE JOURNAL 1. ed. Prague: MM SCIENCE, 2021, vol. 2021, issue MAR. P. 4299 – 4303. ISSN: 1803-1269.
  • BERAN, L. , and ŠEVČÍK, L. Plně automatizovaný skladovací robotický systém [funkční vzorek]
  • BERAN, L. et al. Řídicí systém pro testbed DY-A-NA určený pro tisk cementových směsí [funkční vzorek]
  • KAJZR, D. et al. Software pro řízení autonomního vozidla 0. generace [software].

Topics of Student work
  • Control of electric car actuators via CAN bus , MTI, 2021
  • Control of electric car actuators via CAN bus , MTI, 2020
  • Tester skladovacího robotu, MTI, 2019
  • HMI mappView pro skladovací robot, MTI, 2019
  • HMI mappView pro TestBed tiskové hlavy, MTI, 2019
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