doc. Ing. Ivan Doležal, CSc.

doc. Ing. Ivan Doležal, CSc.
Institute of Mechatronics and Computer Engineering (MTI): Academic staff

+420 48535 3533
STAG profile
  • Embedded microcomputer/microcontroller applications, espec. in measuring instruments.
  • Electronic circuit design, espec. for interface of sensors and actuators.
  • Wireless communication with sensors.
  • Automated measurements.
  • Measurements of the thermal properties of materials, espec. textile fabrics.
Other appointments


CZ 307045, Hes L. - Doležal I. - Bal K.: A method and a device for determining thermal resistance of an insulating layer. 1. 11. 2017

CZ 302897, Doležal, I. - Hes, L.: Method of and device for measuring heat conductivity. 1. 12. 2011

CZ 301240, Hes, L. - Doležal, I. - Richter, A.: Method for contactless measuring surface temperature and/or emissivity of objects and apparatus for making the same. 5. 11. 2009

CZ 259831, Doležal, I. – Hes, L.: Method of measurement of the heat capacity espec. of planar pliable objects. 26. 7. 1988


THERMOSCOP – instrument for measurement of the thermal resistance of planar materials using a touching probe
    (electronics, firmware)

ALAMBETA I. a II. – instrument for measurement of the thermal properties of fabrics
    (measuring method, electronics, firmware, software)
    SENSORA Liberec et al.

SteerWheel / CarSeat – functional samples of sensing systems: touch detection on a steering wheel / motion of a driver on a car seat
    (electronics co-author, firmware, developing software)
    Volkswagen AG Wolfsburg

 GeneTrac – functional sample of a DNA isolator / PCR thermocycler
    (electronics, firmware, developing software)
    Wolf & Danniel s.r.o. Praha & KTS TUL

T-Shirt – prototype of a cyclist vest with wireless controlled indicators
    (electronics, firmware)
    Elitronic s.r.o. Liberec & KOD TUL

LAMBDATEST – instrument for measurement of the heat conductivity of composite materials
    (electronics, firmware)
    Institut für Textiltechnik, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen

ARMINOR – air permeability tester for fabrics
    (electronics, firmware)
    Centre for Materials Research and Innovation, University of Bolton

GlaSel – optoelectronic detector for a glass cullet sorter
    (electronics, firmware)
    Sklopan Liberec a.s.

HUMITEM - measuring of temperature, humidity and inclination in a protective overall with a wireless data transfer
    (electronics, firmware)    
    Research Centre Textil Liberec

PRM7Conf – SW for a configuration of the proportional valves using PC
    Argo-Hytos CZ Vrchlabí

AVIKO – bearing ball sorter
    (electronics for defectoscopy)
    VÚTS Liberec & Temos Tools a.s. Teplice

QATER - low-cost high-resolution quartz thermometer

P-TEST – instrument for testing of the water vapour and thermal resistance of fabrics
    (electronics, firmware, software)
    Research Centre Textil Liberec

Input/output console of the teaching and simulation system IP-Coach
    PEPEKO Liberec & CMA Foundation, University of Amsterdam

Firmware for the ELIS-51 microcomputer for entering of parameters for control and data acquisition of textile technology data of air-jet loom PS–190
    EKVÚ Liberec

  • HES, L., DOLEŽAL, I. , and BAL, K. Principles of Clothing Comfort and Their Use in Evaluation of Sensorial and Thermal Comfort of Men’s Casual Jacket Fibers and Polymers 1. ed. Soul: Korean Fiber Society, 2021, vol. 22, issue May 2021. P. neuvedeny (7 stran). ISSN: 1229-9197.
  • DOLEŽAL, I., HES, L. , and BAL, K. A non-destructive single plate method for measurement of thermal resistance of polymer sheets and fabrics International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics 1. ed. OXON, ENGLAND: Taylor & Francis Online, 2019, vol. 25, issue 4. P. 562 – 567. ISSN: 1080-3548.
  • DOLEŽAL, I. et al. Funkční vzorek zpracování signálu z tenzometru [funkční vzorek]
  • DOLEŽAL, I. , and HES, L. Indirect measurement of moisture absorptivity of functional textile fabrics Journal of Physics: Conference Series - Proc. of XXII World Congress of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO 2018) 1. ed. Belfast: Institute of Physics Publishing, 2018 P. neuvedeny (4 stranky). ISSN: 17426588.
  • HES, L. , and DOLEŽAL, I. Testing of Air Permeability of Distant Knitted Fabrics in the Direction of their Plane Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology 0. ed. Edmond: MedCrave Group, LLC, 2017 P. neuvedeny (3 stranky). ISSN: 2574-8114.

Topics of Student work
  • Měření různých závislostí detekce kovů vývojovým modulem s obvodem LDC1000, MTI, 2019
  • Pracoviště pro měření stejnosměrných charakteristik polovodičových prvků, MTI, 2019
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