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Science and Research

The scientific and creative activities of the faculty are focused on basic and applied research in a number of scientific and technological disciplines. In many cases, research is interdisciplinary and requires collaboration across the faculty and other university institutions. Applied research conducted for partners from the industrial sphere also plays an important role in the activities of the faculty. If you are interested in collaboration, please contact the Vice-Dean for Science, Research and International Relations, P. Šidlof.

Below you will find a selection of the main themes of the faculty’s research activities, divided into individual specializations with links to specific workplaces and contact persons. See also the catalogues of our institutes, laboratories, departments and research groups. A range of laboratories is operated as a joint workplace of our faculty and the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies, and Innovation - contact: M. Černík.


Strategy of R&D at FM



Application of mathematical models

  • Mathematical models in natural sciences and technical applications; development of numerical methods; flow modeling; modeling of hydrogeological, transport and geochemical processes; modeling of clustered processes; preparation of model input data (preprocessing) and numerical/graphics processing and evaluation of simulation calculations (postprocessing); development of software besides commercial applications;
  • Workgroup of Coupled Process Modelling, contact: J. Šembera, O. Severýn
  • Centre for Modelling of Coupled Processes, Contact J. Šembera.
  • Laboratory of Model Applications, contact: J. Maryška

Electromechanical systems and robotics

Electronics and measurement

  • Measurement of physical and biometric quantities; measurement of the quality of electrical energy; contact: J. Jelínek, J. Kraus
  • Programming of FPGA circuits; development of applications with microprocessors and FPGA circuits; embedded systems; technical diagnostics; diagnostics and reliability of digital systems; design of electronic equipment and printed circuit boards;
  • Development of electrical and electronic parts of mechatronic systems, in particular, textile machines;
  • Research and application of computer models of hysteresis; measurement of magnetic fields in technical applications; technical solutions for suppressing or using hysteresis: limiting the switching currents of transformers; ferroresonance; contact: M. Novák
  • ASIC group, contact: O. Novák, Z. Plíva, M. Rozkovec
  • PCBlab, contact: L. Petržílka

Ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials

  • Ferroelectric layers; noise and vibration suppression; piezoelectric materials; research of flat acoustic metamaterials with active acoustic impedance control; design and implementation of semi-active noise and vibration suppression systems using piezoelectric materials; design and implementation of intelligent sensors, actuators and resonators using the electromechanical properties of piezoelectric materials;
  • ICPR - International Centre for Piezoelectric Research, contact: J. Nosek
  • Further contacts: P. Mokrý, P. Márton

Physical and optical measurements

Information Technology

  • Web technologies and mobile applications; applied informatics focused on computer networks, their protocols, and services; web applications and integration of semantic web ontologies; processing of large data files; data mining; design of database applications; computer (cyber) security;
  • Contact: P. SatrapaK. Císařová

Nanomaterials in natural processes and biomedical applications

Control systems

  • Predictive control; control and simulation models; regulation; PLC; mathematical modelling and design of boiler and turbine control in thermal power plants; development and implementation of algorithms for direct and feedback control; optimization of the behaviour of controlled systems; theory of hybrid logic-dynamic systems; theory of system with delays; visualization of the control status; optimization of the human-machine interface;
  • Control of technological processes, contact: L. Tůma, J. Hlava
  • Smart technologies, contact: M. Hernych

Reliability and risk assessment

Signal processing and machine learning

  • Research and application of automatic speech recognition; voice control and dictation systems; automatic media monitoring; multimodal and multilingual systems; processing of image and text data; processing of signals from several sensors; signal enhancement and noise reduction; blind source separation; independent component analysis;
  • SPEECHLAB, contact: J. Nouza, J. Chaloupka,
  • A.S.A.P. GROUP, contact: Z. Koldovský, J. Málek

Fluid and solid mechanics

  • Fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, fluid-structure interaction, flow-induced vibration
  • Applications: FIV of airfoils, turbine and compressor blades, biomechanics of voice production, pneumatic transport
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) - Fluent, OpenFOAM, COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Experimental methods in dynamics and vibration (strain gauge measurements, vibrometry, accelerometry, pressure measurements, flow measurements)
  • Active cooperation: Department of Physical Measurements CxI TUL; Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences;, Rieter AG, Winterthur; Department of Technical Mathematics, CTU Prague; Duke University, N.C., USA;
  • Contact: Petr Šidlof
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