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Science and Research

Scientific and creative activities at the faculty focus on basic and applied research in a range of scientific and engineering disciplines. Research work is underway especially in the framework of GACR, TACR, and MIT projects. An important role in the activities of the faculty is played by applied research, which is performed for partners from the industrial sector. The most important areas of research include:

  • research of planar acoustic metamaterials with active control of the acoustic impedance,
  • design and implementation of systems for semi-active reduction of noise and vibrations using piezoelectric materials,
  • design and implementation of intelligent sensors, actuators and resonators using the electromechanical properties of piezoelectric materials,
  • automatic speech recognition,
  • study of the natural processes in the biosphere and the impact of targeted interventions in this environment to change its behaviour and management of remediation processes,
  • mathematical modelling and design of controls for boilers and turbines of thermal electrical power plants,
  • diagnostics of and the reliability of digital systems, digital signal processing,
  • applied informatics focused on computer networks, their protocols and services, web applications and ontology integration for the semantic web,
  • development and implementation of algorithms for direct and feedback control, optimization of the behaviour of controlled systems, theory of hybrid logic-dynamic systems, theory of delay systems, visualization of the control situation, optimization of human-machine interfaces, etc.,
  • modelling of groundwater flow and related activities, i.e. preparation of input data of models (pre-processing) and the numerical and graphical processing and evaluation of results (post-processing) of simulation calculations,
  • development of the electrical and electronic components of mechatronic systems, especially textile machinery, including control units; development of applications with microprocessors and FPGA circuits.
General partners
  • ČEZ
  • Škoda Auto
    Škoda Auto
  • Preciosa
  • in-tech
  • SPŠ a VOŠ Jičín
    SPŠ a VOŠ Jičín
  • SPŠ Česká Lípa
    SPŠ Česká Lípa
  • SPŠSE a VOŠ Liberec
    SPŠSE a VOŠ Liberec
  • SOŠ, SPŠ Varnsdorf
    SOŠ, SPŠ Varnsdorf
  • SPŠ Mladá Boleslav
    SPŠ Mladá Boleslav