Study programme: N2612 Electrical Engineering and informatics
One field of study is accredited in this programme (tuition takes place in English, it is possible to achieve a dual diploma):

3906T001 Mechatronics (MEA) - together HS Zittau/Görlitz, Germany
Study programme: N3901 Applied Sciences in Engineering
Two fields of study are accredited in this programme:

The study programmes last for two years and the courses are organized into four semesters.
All related study programmes take place as an attendance form of study.
The title of Ing is awarded after successful completion of the course.
The prerequisite for the admission of candidates is completion of a Batchelor’s study programme.
During the first year students must obtain at least 40 credits. The first year cannot be repeated.
The prerequisite for continuation of the study is to obtain a minimum of 30 credits in each year of study, except for the year of study in which the student submits their diploma work.
Based on a recommendation of the guarantor a student can register for any course from the offer of TUL (and other universities) as a compulsory optional course (with the approval of the Dean of the “host” faculty). Such credits will be recognized. The total number of credits per semester may then exceed the minimum number of credits stated in the study plans.
In order to graduate a student must obtain at least 120 credits, pass the final state examination and defend their diploma work.
A prerequisite for the final state examination and the defence of the diploma work is the completion of all of the semesters.
The study programme includes all the requirements under Section 44 of the Universities Act 111/98 Coll.
The characteristics of the individual fields can be found in the annually published Course Information brochure

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