Science and Research

The staff of the institute develop voice technology for dictation and dialogue systems or aids for the disabled when using computers. In addition, research is focussed on the design, diagnostics and testing of digital circuits and equipment, recognition of visual data or the application of pattern recognition methods for the analysis of biological (especially medical) data. The research activities of the institute are performed in three laboratories:

The ASAP Group (Acoustic Signal Analysis and Processing Group), led by doc. Ing. Zbyněk Koldovský, Ph.D., is engaged in basic and applied research in the field of digital signal processing. It focuses on modern methods of processing of multidimensional signals, which are detected by a sensor system. From the point of view of application, the most interesting are acoustic and biological signals.

The ASIC Group headed by prof. Ing. Ondřej Novák, PhD., deals with design systems, diagnostics of electronic circuits, implementation of algorithms in FPGA circuits and the practical issues of system design including printed circuit boards.

The PCB-Lab was built with the intention to support the teaching of specialized subjects at the Faculty of Mechatronics. Its technologies have been conceived in order to inexpensively implement unit and small-batch production. It is therefore beneficial and prepared for external customers such as the development departments of companies, private developers and “Tinkers”.

The Laboratory of Computer Speech Processing (SpeechLab), led by prof. Ing. Jan Nouza, PhD., deals with automatic speech recognition, speaker recognition and verification, dialogue systems and audio-visual speech processing.

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