Bachelor’s studies

Study programme: B2612 Electrical Engineering and Informatics.

Two fields of study are accredited in this study programme (each in an attendance and combined form of study):

Study programme: B2646 Information Technology

One field of study is accredited in this study programme:

Study programme: B3942 Nanotechnology

One field of study is accredited in this study programme:

Study programme: B3901 Applied Sciences in Engineering

One field of study is accredited in this study programme:

  • The study programmes last for three years with the courses organized into six semesters.
  • The prerequisite for admission to the Bachelor’s degree programme is completion of secondary education ending with graduation, or a corresponding foreign education.
  • After successful completion of the degree the title of Bc is awarded.
  • The study plan for each semester consists of compulsory courses as well as possible compulsory elective subjects which students choose in order to reach the required number of credits.
  • During the first semester students must obtain at least 10 credits, at least 40 credits in the first year of study, and at least 30 credits in each subsequent year of study, except for the year of study when the student signs up for the final state examination.
  • In order to graduate students must earn at least 180 credits, pass the foreign language examination, obtain two credits for physical education, successfully pass their state examination and defend their Bachelor’s dissertation.
  • A prerequisite for the final state examination and the defence of a Bachelor’s dissertation is the completion of all of the semesters.
  • Basic knowledge of the English language is required for the course in “Professional English”, courses for beginners are not provided.
  • Students that have prepared individually to take the examination within the scope of the curriculum and the requirements set by the Department of Foreign Languages can take the examination earlier, based on an agreement with the guarantor of the “Professional English” course.
  • The study programme includes all the requirements under Section 44 of the Universities Act 111/98 Coll.
  • The combined form of study includes part-time tuition and distance (self) learning. Each semester, tuition for the attendance form of study takes place on the University premises once every 14 days on Fridays and Saturdays. For the distance part, in addition to classic literature there is a wide range of electronic learning materials, and the majority of subjects also uses e-learning methods.

The characteristics of the individual fields can be found in the annually published Course Information brochure.

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