Below you can find the list of research areas for internship opportunities. Those who are interested should contact the supervisor by email (name.surname@tul.cz – names and surnames without diacritics) to get information about currently available topics. Please, describe your motivation for the research area and for the collaboration with the given supervisor; research proposals are also possible. The approval by the supervisor is the main step for opening the admission process.

See also contacts on the R&D page of our faculty.

Technical Cybernetics

●     Controlling technology, process modeling, design of control algorithms and systems, robotics

○     Application of mathematical theory of optimal control, development of logical means of task planning in robotics, robust control in Hilbert space (Václav Záda)
○     Modelling and management of hybrid (logical ‐ continuous) systems, advanced methods of management in thermo technology and energetics (Jaroslav Hlava)
○     Non‐linear dynamic system control, optimal control, robust process control, adaptive control, control with variable structure (Jaroslav Hlava)
○     Robust process control, adaptive control, variable structure control, control algorithms and identification of technological processes, distributed control (through telecommunication networks) (Osvald Modrlák, Libor Tůma)

●     Signal and speech processing and artificial intelligence

○     Computer voice recognition – acoustic and language modeling, learning algorithms, adaptation and decoding, application (Jan Nouza, Jindřich Žďánský, Petr Červa)
○     Automatic processing of text and multimedia documents (methods for text and multimedia archives indexing, archive data mining, topic identification, relevance assessment, text post‐processing and corrections, etc.) (Jan Nouza, Jindřich Žďánský)
○     Computer vision and advanced methods for image recognition in the area of audiovisual communication (Josef Chaloupka)
○     Multichannel signal processing (audio, speech, music, biosignals), unsupervised methods of Blind Source Separation (ICA, IVA, tensor decompositions), noise reduction, speech enhancement (Zbyněk Koldovský), https://asap.ite.tul.cz

●     Electronic systems, their design, testing and diagnostics

○     Contemporary methods for test sample generation and their compression (Ondřej Novák)
○     Testing of customer integrated circuits (Ondřej Novák)
○     Optimization of design, assembly, and mounting of the printed circuit boards (Zdeněk Plíva)
○     Design, testing, and diagnostics of the integrated circuits (Zdeněk Plíva)
○     Systems and instruments for automated measurements of non‐electrical values (Ivan Doležal)

●     Mechatronic components and systems, power electronics

○     Electronic servomotor, servomechanisms, and their control, optimization of operating attributes, application of advanced mechatronic instruments (Pavel Rydlo, Josef Černohorský, Leoš Beran, Jiří Kubín)
○     Special application of electromagnetic fields, present ‐ day application of intelligent electromagnetic materials, power electronics systems (Aleš Richter,  Miroslav Novák)
○     Systems, nodes, and components of power electronics (Aleš Richter, Miroslav Novák)

●     Measuring methods and systems, industrial diagnostics

○     Technical diagnostics, signal analysis from technical systems, image processing for measurement and diagnostic purposes (Ivan Jaksch)
○     Power quality monitoring and energy management, energy applied computer science - data mining in the PQ data-sets, statistical evaluation of big data, Internet of thinking, industry 4.1 (Jan Kraus)

●     Information systems and technology, applied informatics

○     Database technology and WEB, semantic-WEB, integration of databases and inconsistent solutions, Ontology (Roman Špánek)
○     Computer graphics and application, distributed calculations (Pavel Satrapa)

●     Reliability and risk analysis

○     Reliability methods and risk analysis (Pavel Fuchs, Miroslav Koucký) 


Applied Sciences in Engineering

●     Application of Numerical Methods and Modelling (Jiří Maryška, Jan Šembera)

●     Remediation Technology and Biotechnology (Miroslav Černík, Alena Ševců)

●     Functionalized Materials and Nanomaterials (Jiří Maryška, Pavel Mokrý)

●     Water treatment (Jaromír Marek)
          - Electromembrane processes
●     Development of membranes (Jaromír Marek)
          - Membranes for air conditioning
          - Membranes for fuel cells

●     Optical Measurement Methods and Laser Measurement Technology (Václav Kopecký, Vít Lédl)

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