About Institute

Head of Institute doc. Ing. Milan Kolář, CSc. +420 485 353 523 milan.kolar@tul.cz
Deputy Head doc. Ing. Josef Černohorský, Ph.D. +420 485 353 543 josef.cernohorsky@tul.cz
Institute Secretary Ing. Jan Koprnický, Ph.D. +420 485 353 290 jan.koprnicky@tul.cz
Secretary Mgr. Lenka Dostálová Kroupová
Iveta Macnerová
+420 485 353 210
+420 485 353 799
Head of Section of Electromechanical Systems and Robotics Ing. Jiří Kubín, Ph.D. +420 485 353 543 jiri.kubin@tul.cz
Head of Section of Processes Control doc. Ing. Libor Tůma, CSc. +420 485 353 286 libor.tuma@tul.cz
Head of Section of Computer Engineering doc. Ing. Otto Severýn, Ph.D. +420 485 353 763 otto.severyn@tul.cz
Head of Section of Electronics and Measurement Ing. Miroslav Novák, Ph.D. +420 485 353 626 miroslav.novak@tul.cz
Head of Section of Reliability Management Ing. Jan Kamenický, Ph.D. +420 485 353 433 jan.kamenicky@tul.cz

Mailing Address:
Technická univerzita v Liberci (TUL)
Fakulta mechatroniky, informatiky a mezioborových studií (FM)
Studentská 1402/2
461 17 Liberec

Secretary of MTI (ground floor of A building,  door number 01045) 
Hálkova 6 
461 17 Liberec

The Institute of Mechatronics and Computer Engineering (MTI) is the one of the three institutes of the Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies (FM) at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL). It was founded on 1st January 2007 during the Faculty reorganization by merging of the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Software Engineering, the part of the Department of Control Systems and the part of the Department of Electronic Engineering and Signal Processing. At the beginning of the year 2013 the Institute had merged with approximately one half of the Institute of System Control and Reliability Management. In the next year 2014 the couple of members of the Institute of Novel Technologies and Applied Informatics were integrated in to the institute structure. The Institute is organized into five sections; it has about 65 employees and over 30 PhD students.

MTI activities cover a wide range of topics especially in the areas of applied informatics, database systems, computer modelling, electronics and electrical engineering, automatic process control, robotic systems and also the area of the evaluation of the reliability and risk. Academic staff and PhD students of the Institute deal with basic and applied research, particularly in the frame of these projects: GACR, TACR, MPO, SGS etc. An important role in the activities of the Institute plays applied research undertaken in the form of supplementary activities for partners from industry.

The Institute provides courses in all three levels of university education – from bachelor, then master through to PhD. Courses are taught mainly on maternal FM as well as on the other six TUL faculties. In addition to the Czech taught courses there are courses in the English language (especially in the fields of “Mechatronics” and “Engineering of Interactive Systems”). The staff of the Institute is actively involved in many national as well as international educational projects such as ESF, Tempus, Cíl 3 / Ziel 3 etc.

General partners
  • ČEZ
  • Škoda Auto
    Škoda Auto
  • Actis
  • Adient
  • MicroNova
  • RS Components
    RS Components
  • Siemens
  • SPŠ a VOŠ Jičín
    SPŠ a VOŠ Jičín
  • SPŠ Česká Lípa
    SPŠ Česká Lípa
  • SPŠSE a VOŠ Liberec
    SPŠSE a VOŠ Liberec
  • SOŠ, SPŠ Varnsdorf
    SOŠ, SPŠ Varnsdorf
  • SPŠ Mladá Boleslav
    SPŠ Mladá Boleslav