Research Activities

Research areas

The overview of important research areas are:

  • research of printed acoustic metamaterials with active management of acoustic impedance; design and implementation of systems for semi-active noise and vibration suppression using piezoelectric materials; design and implementation of intelligent sensors, actuators and resonators; using electromechanical properties of piezoelectric materials;
  • basic research of ferroelectric materials oriented to interaction study of ferroelectric domain walls with crystal grid defects and other physical processes in ferroelectric semiconductor materials using Phase Field Model simulations;
  • mathematical modeling problems, design of control boilers and turbines of thermal power plants (these include the problems of coordinated management system boiler-turbine and design of regulatory structures for managing power unit in operation over a wide power range);
  • development and implementation of algorithms for direct and feedback control, optimizing behavior of controlled systems, theory of hybrid logic-dynamic systems, theory of time delay systems, visualization of management, optimizing human-machine interface, etc.;
    development of electrical and electronic components of mechatronic systems, especially textile machinery, including their control units; application development with microprocessors, PLC systems and FPGA circuits;
  • analysis of kinematics and dynamics of robots, robot control designs, methods of decision making and scheduling activities of robots;
  • semantic web ontology integration from the perspective of special processing of data sources on the machine language level;
  • groundwater flow modeling and related activities, so preparation of input data models (preprocessing) and numerical and graphical processing and interpretation of simulation calculations results (postprocessing);
  • computer processing of video signals and signal analysis methods of technical diagnostics of machines;
  • research and practical application of knowledge in the area of reliability, security risks (environmental, safety and economic) and maintenance planning;
  • measurement and evaluation of energy efficiency and ISO 50001 energy management, advanced techniques for power factor correction and development of customized hardware and software solutions for power quality monitoring according to EN 50160.

Research groups

The above summarized topics of the research are realized by different research groups and laboratories in the Institute:

Projects and Grants

There are several projects and grants were the members of the institute are involeved:

Industry Cooperation

 The Institute of Mechatronics and Computer Engineering strives to actively cooperate with industry in all areas of their specialization and build with them a long-term partnership based on mutual benefit. Collaboration with industrial partners is diverse and has mainly the following forms:
cooperation on common projects such as projects funded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic or Competence Centres,
research and development activities under contract research agreement,
training and further education of employees from the business sector,
assigning student projects, bachelor and diploma theses,
lectures of specialists from practice for students,
excursions in to industrial companies for students and academics,
short-term and long-term professional jobs for students.

Close contact with industry brings important feedback, accelerates introduction of research results into practice, creates conditions for easy integration of students into industrial practice, and finally brings to the Institution additional funds required for its development.


At the Institute during the academic year take place regular seminars intended primarily for presenting scientific results of MTI PhD students. Seminars are public, PhD supervisors and other employees of the Institute especially are welcome.
The purpose of the seminars is especially:
professional presentations of PhD students, and not only their, but also employees of the Institute,
mastering presentation skills (particularly for PhD students),
knowledge acquisition about activities of various departments of the Institute,
acquisition of not only professional information (information for personal development, administrative instructions).

The seminars take place every 14 days on Friday from 10:40 in the classroom TK3.

General partners
  • ČEZ
  • Škoda Auto
    Škoda Auto
  • ABB
  • Actis
  • Adient
  • MicroNova
  • RS Components
    RS Components
  • T-MC66
  • Unicorn
  • ZF
  • SPŠ a VOŠ Jičín
    SPŠ a VOŠ Jičín
  • SPŠ Česká Lípa
    SPŠ Česká Lípa
  • SPŠ a VOŠ Liberec
    SPŠ a VOŠ Liberec
  • SOŠ, SPŠ Varnsdorf
    SOŠ, SPŠ Varnsdorf
  • SPŠ Mladá Boleslav
    SPŠ Mladá Boleslav