Topics of Works

To manage the bachelor and master projects and bachelor and diploma theses at the Institute of Mechatronics and Computer Engineering was created an application that facilitates browsing and selection of topics. The application allows students to:

  • browse topics and filter it depending on different criteria;
  • apply for a maximum of 3 different themes (if the teacher assigned the student on any topics followed, the student is informed about this step by an email and is automatically removed from the row from other topics. There are also informed students that have asked the topic but have not been chosen);
  • view their “official assignment” – a document, where the teacher defines principles for project elaboration and summarizes recommended literature;
  • manage its profile – eg. parameters for displaying topics, …

Logging into the application is using account to LIANE network: 

In the case of any question about the application, please contact Ing. Jana Vitvarová, PhD.

 Information about Submission and Defension of Student Projects and Theses

During the study FM students solve long-term individual projects that are ended by their defense in front of expert committee. These are:

  • Project (one year bachelor project) (PRJ),
  • Bachelor Thesis (BP),
  • Semestral (master) Project (PRO),
  • Diploma Thesis (DP).

BP and DP Defenses

The defense of BPs and DPs organize Faculty. Submission of final works and their defense are given by the teaching schedule published on the website of the Faculty.

PRJ and PRO Defenses

Every Institute of the Faculty organizes the defense of PRJ and PRO projects by itself. The defense takes place in the first week of the exam period. It is usually in these terms: Wednesday (PRJ defense) and Thursday (PRO defense).

Subjects guaranteed by the Institute

The Institute provides over 100 different subjects for most TUL faculties and institutes:

The electronic study materials of the taught subjects, as well as video-streamed lectures can be found on the E-learning portal.

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