Laboratories and Classrooms of the Institute

Laboratories serve primarily to the teaching of special courses organized by the Institute. In addition, laboratories are used by students in solving of projects, bachelor and diploma theses. In laboratories proceed development and research activities in frame of grants, research projects and complementary activities in collaboration with industry.

Laboratory of Intelligent Robots and of Control Systems (A TK3) 

The laboratory is used especially for lectures of subjects as are logic control system, programming of PLC systems and design of microcomputer applications in bachelor and master study programs. The lab is equipped by physical models, PLCs, educational microcomputer systems and by modern communication bus systems.
The laboratory is equipped by industrial robots ABB, Fanuc and UR too. Lectures are focused on subjects from robotics and special laboratory exercises. Students familiarize with basics of robotic systems programming, their trajectory definition, kinematics and dynamics, controlling of robots and artificial intelligent applied into robotics.

Laboratory of Electrical Machines and Drives (A EL1)

The laboratory is intended for teaching of electrical engineering: rotation and non-rotation electric machines and drives, power electronics and control. The lab is equipped by new laboratory tables with electro-extensions, programmable three phase power supply 12 kVA, programmable AC 2 kVA power supply, many DC power supplies up to 200 Amps, as well as two dynamometers, 20 kVA synchronous generator with automatic phasing unit, and number of measurement devices, including to power analyzers.

Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Control (A EL2)

The laboratory is intended for teaching of automatic control subjects and programming of control systems. It is equipped by nine PLCs of Rockwell (seven PLCs are CompactLogix, one is ConrolLogix and one is GuardLogix). The number of physical models is connected to these PLCs. Their complexity is different: seven models are with frequency converters and asynchronous drives with variable loads, two models are for experiments with thermal systems with transport delay (Heat Flow Experiment of Quanser of Canadian Company) and two models are here for combined control of flow and water level. There is also a model of manufacturing process for logic control. The laboratory is also used for programming of real time systems. All laboratory models is possible to control by PCs equipped by the Interval Zero RTX system.

Laboratory of Automotive Electronic Systems (A EL3)

The laboratory is equipped by full electro of Škoda Superb and other devices related with electronic systems of vehicles. There runs special courses in specialized subjects, as well as the laboratory is used for realization of student projects from the field of automatic control.

Laboratory of Electronics (AP11)

The laboratory is intended especially for teaching of low-voltage electrical engineering subjects and special subjects with support of control computers. For frontal teaching is the laboratory equipped with quality measurement devices controlled by GPIB bus (oscilloscopes, function generators, measurement units, power supplies, etc.).

Laboratories of Intelligent Materials and Structures (A -1042 and T 03031)

The laboratory is equipped by special instruments for measurement of noise and vibration transfer. The other technical devices allow research and development of adaptive systems of noise and vibration suppression, planar acoustic materials with active control of acoustic impedance, and methods of characterization of thin ferroelectric films and composite materials.

Laboratory of Continuous Control (A TK4)

The laboratory is equipped by devices for teaching of automatic control, e. g. by systems of logic control (PLC) of TECOMAT and SIEMENS manufacturers. The system of SIEMENS is extended by number of modules. The laboratory is also used for realization of international exchange practices which traditionally takes place in cooperation with HS Zittau/Görlitz.

Laboratories of Measurement Techniques (A TK7, T 03024)

The laboratories are intended for teaching of subjects deal with measurement techniques, measurement of electrical and nonelectrical quantities. The laboratory is equipped by good measurement instruments for frontal teaching especially in bachelor study programs. These instruments are stabilized power supplies, generator, oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, RLC meters, impedance decades, control computer, measurement devices, etc.

Computer Classrooms (A TK6 and A2)

The classrooms are intended for teaching mostly of software subjects in bachelors and engineering study programs (programming; databases; graphical, network and internet applications). All classrooms are equipped by modern computers as well as high-quality audiovisual technology (overhead projectors, interactive whiteboards).
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