Study programs

Doctoral studies are individual with a standard length of four years. Study programs take place in full-time or combined forms of study. After the successful completion of the studies, the Ph.D. degree is awarded. The Ph.D. study programs accredited at our faculty are

  • Technical Cybernetics, and
  • Applied Sciences in Engineering.

Technical Cybernetics involves mainly Computer Science disciplines, Mechatronics, and Electrical Engineering, and Informatics. In particular,

  • optimal and suboptimal methods for control of technological processes,
  • control and nonlinear dynamical systems in automation applications,
  • processing speech, text and image signals,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • robotics,
  • design of measuring components,
  • technical diagnostics, diagnostics of digital circuits,
  • design of electronic circuits, electric drives and their control,
  • reliability and risk analysis of engineering and service operations.

Applied Sciences in Engineering involves mainly mathematical modeling of physical, chemical and technological processes, application of numerical (finite element) methods, optical measurement technology, and experimental research. In particular,

  • Advanced methods of mathematical modeling of physical, chemical and technological processes.
  • Application of finite element methods.
  • Theory, implementation, and application of numerical methods.
  • Implementation of mathematical models and software products, including their calibration and verification.
  • Functionalized materials and nanomaterials.
  • Application of optimization methods for solving technical problems.
  • Optical measurement methods and laser measurement technology.

Next, our faculty is in charge of the administration of a university Ph.D. program

  • Nanotechnologies


Study department

Simona Kuncová
tel: 485 353 624
email: simona.kuncova@tul.cz

Guarantors of doctoral programs

Applied Sciences in Engineering
doc. Ing. Milan Hokr, Ph.D.
tel: 485 353 470
e-mail: milan.hokr@tul.cz

prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Černík, CSc.
tel: 485 353 017
e-mail: miroslav.cernik@tul.cz

Technical Cybernetics
prof. Ing. Jan Nouza, CSc.
tel: 485 353 208
e-mail: jan.nouza@tul.cz

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